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About Us

At the Co-operative Pharmacy, we are proud to serve communities across the UK. To find out a bit more about who we are and what we do, from health services to social goals, read on…

Serving the Community

As the third largest pharmacy chain in the UK, and the largest one in Wales, we provide a great range of healthcare services in our branches, from blood pressure testing to help with stopping smoking, and many things inbetween. Our trained Pharmacists can give you friendly, reliable advice and support and many of our comprehensive services are free of charge.

The Co-operative Group has been at the heart of British communities since 1844, and we now have 774 branches in communities across the country.  Since the launch of our online pharmacy, we have been able to reach out to even more people. For more information about our healthcare services online and in branch, see our Health Advice & Services page.

Ethical Strategy

At the Co-operative Pharmacy, our social goals are at the heart of everything we do. We are part of the Co-operative Group and operate a co-operative business model, which means that we are owned by our members.

Unlike other big businesses, we don’t answer to shareholders. Instead, our profits are shared out between our members, who also shape our social goals. This means that investment in the community is and always has been a fundamental part of who we are.

The Sunwise Partnership with homeless communities in the UK, our pioneering use of Braille on our own-brand medicines and our commitment to improving sanitation in Togo with UNICEF are just some of our many community and global projects. To find out more about how we do business ethically, why not read our ethical strategy?

Careers with The Co-operative Pharmacy

To find out more about careers with The Co-operative Pharmacy, please visit our dedicated online careers portal.

The Co-operative Group

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