Important information about our website
Our product range is no longer available to buy on our website.
Your Pharmacy team will be available, as always, in your local branch to provide expert advice and products for all your healthcare needs.
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The Co-operative Pharmacy, including the website ( is delighted to now be part of the Bestway Group. Bestway are a family owned business who, like us, pride themselves on being at the heart of the local community.

Your Pharmacy team will still be available in branch to offer you the same expert advice, services and products you’ve come to expect.

As a customer of The Co-operative Pharmacy, we want to make sure you’re aware of these changes, clarify any planned changes and what that means for the services provided to you. We also want to explain how this affects the personal information we hold about you.

Changes to the services

Our product range is no longer available to buy on our website and our online Pharmacy service will close on 11th October

Your personal information

We will continue to process your personal information in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our privacy policy. Our Data Protection registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office and Company Registration with Companies House has been updated to reflect this. The Co-operative Pharmacy is the trading name for Bestway Panacea Healthcare Ltd, Bestway National Chemists Ltd and Bestway Belfast Chemists Ltd.

New Registered Company Name Previous Registered Company Name Data Protection Registration Number Company Registration Number (CRN) Registered Office
Bestway Panacea Healthcare Ltd Co-operative Group Healthcare Ltd ZA078778 09225514 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG
Bestway National Chemists Ltd National Co-operative Chemists Ltd ZA078776 09225457 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG
Bestway Belfast Chemists Ltd Belfast Co-operative Chemists Ltd ZA078773 NI626625 70 Ballygomartin Rd, Belfast, BT13 3NT

Terms and conditions and privacy policy

Our privacy policy and terms and conditions have also been updated to reflect this change.

What to do if you have any questions about these changes

If you have any questions about these changes please don’t hesitate to contact us at or alternatively you can write to us at the Pharmacy Superintendent, Pharmacy Superintendent’s Team, Department 10305. 13th Floor, 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG.

Serving the Community

As the third largest pharmacy chain in the UK, and the largest in Wales, we provide a great range of healthcare services in our branches, from blood pressure testing to help with stopping smoking, and many things in between. Our trained pharmacists can give you friendly, reliable advice and support, and many of our comprehensive services are free of charge.

The Co-operative Pharmacy has been at the heart of British communities since 1945, and we now have 774 branches in communities across the country. For more information about our healthcare services in branch, see our Health Advice & Services page.

The Sunwise Partnership with homeless communities in the UK, our pioneering use of Braille on our own-brand medicines and our commitment to improving sanitation in Togo with UNICEF are just some of our many community and global projects.

Careers with The Co-operative Pharmacy

To find out more about careers with The Co-operative Pharmacy, please visit our dedicated online careers portal.