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Expert weight loss from The Co-operative Pharmacy and Lipotrim

Dieting isn’t easy. No matter which weight loss plan you choose, dieting just seems to come down to you saying no to your favourite foods.

That’s not what a diet should be about. Ok, so you can’t eat lots of high fat food and expect to lose weight, but what you can get with The Co-operative Pharmacy and Lipotrim is expert advice to help you change your eating habits and make weight loss about more than just saying ‘no’ to your favourite foods.

What Lipotrim means for your diet and your lifestyle

Developed by GPs and Pharmacists as a simple, healthy weight loss solution, Lipotrim, combined with our Pharmacists, will give you all the support you need to be able to change your relationship with food, find a new approach to dieting and succeed with weight loss. 

How the programme works

There are two steps to the programme:

1. Lipotrim Total Meal Replacement
2. Lipotrim Maintenance

The Total Meal Replacement phase

Total Meal Replacement provides all the nutrients your body needs in a convenient shake or soup. There’s hardly any preparation so it’s easy to stick with your diet no matter how busy you are.

The Total Meal Replacement range includes:

  • Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavour drinks (these can also be prepared as a mousse)
  • Chicken flavoured soup
  • Coconut or peanut butter flavour flapjacks - (both varieties contain peanuts)

You needn’t worry about going hungry with the Total Meal Replacement phase of the Lipotrim programme. It’s designed to keep you well nourished and comfortable while you progress with sustainable weight loss.

The Total Meal Replacement phase only lasts as long as it takes for you to reach your target weight or BMI and find a new, slimmer you. After that, you can start introducing some tasty foods into your diet.

Maintenance – great for your wellbeing

The Maintenance phase of the Lipotrim programme helps you to change your lifestyle so it’s easy to stay at your target weight. On this phase of the programme you use a combination of Lipotrim Total Meal Replacement and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners to help minimise the risk of you gaining weight as you introduce normal foods any weight you’ve lost creeping back on.

Your Pharmacist will also be able to give you some free advice about which foods are best for your health and weight control, and the role exercise can play in your new lifestyle.

In addition to the Total Meal Replacement range, Maintenance includes some extra Lipotrim products:

  • Chocolate Whip Dessert
  • Orange Crème Drink
  • Summer Fruits Drink
  • Cream of Vegetable Soup
  • Caramel Flavoured Bar

Your Pharmacist will help you choose the rest of your Lipotrim Maintenance diet, give you advice on how you can treat yourself and support you with anything else you need to know.

Going straight to Lipotrim Maintenance

Lipotrim Maintenance can also be used as a standalone programme, and is ideal if you just need to lose a few pounds to get to a healthy weight.

To find out more, check the availability of the Lipotrim programme in your local area.

If you have any medical obesity problems, please see your GP prior to joining the Lipotrim programme.

* Lipotrim is not suitable for people with certain medical conditions and participants must have a BMI of 25 or over. Subject to availability. See in branch for full details. Always read the instructions. For further advice, please ask your Co-operative Pharmacist.  Find a branch

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